Welcome to United Christian Ministries!

Welcome to United Christian Ministries, a unity campus ministry at Kent State University!

Open to all KSU students, UCM is supported by local and regional churches (United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian and Kent Friends).

On campus since the 1920's, UCM has a long history of open minded, non-judgmental support for students.  Our programs include Bible study, fellowship, mission trips, social justice and  community service that support student  intellectual and spiritual growth. Our programs are designed by current students to meet the needs and engage the questions of current students. 

UCM won't tell you what to believe. We ask the big questions and explore our individual answers.   UCM won't put rules and controls on your time, behaviors or money.  Instead at UCM we cultivate a place of welcome, acceptance and openness, where you can be yourself and discern for yourself how God is working in and through your life, growing your faith as you gain wisdom in college. We believe, not in condemning others, but to shine the light of of God's love through our lives.

UCM is a Safe Zone where LGBTQ  students find acceptance just as you are!   UCM seeks to increase interfaith awareness and friendships with students from other countries and religions. We work cooperatively with Hillel, Muslim Student Association, Catholic Student Association and PRIDE.

Contact us to receive a friendly response with information you would like to receive.  UCM will not harass you if you decide we're not the group you need for your spiritual support.

Wherever you are on the journey of life and faith, you are welcome at UCM!

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Each week we send out reminders about our meetings, program information, and service oppportunities. If you would like to receive our weekly emails, please fill out the contact form and request to be added to our email list.

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